Settled in and happy!

By Kate Heaton, 2016-2017 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in France

Immediately following my arrival in Mulhouse I felt instantly at home and welcomed. My host teacher’s nine-year-old daughter made a sign with my name on it so I could find them when they picked me up at the Mulhouse Gare Centrale. I have enjoyed working with the students at Lycée Albert Schweitzer. I have done lessons on the United States elections and the Black Lives Matter movement. The teachers have warmly welcomed me to many activities outside of school.

With my host teacher Catherine Wimmer
An afternoon in Colmar with a colleague


The Toussaint vacation allowed me to discover other regions in France. I found Toulouse vivant et agreeable. I enjoyed seeing the Capitole and the Couvenent des Jacobins. The weather in Marseille was refreshing, especially for someone from Southern California, like myself. The view from Notre Dame de la Gare was more than breathtaking. Cours Juliet was amusing to walk around with all of its lively street art and colorful graffiti. Le Palais des Papes in Avignon was truly remarkable as well.

Documenting all of my experiences in my art journal in Marseille



My experience in France so far has been more than anything I could have ever dreamed. Thanks to Fulbright I have met interesting and intelligent people. I have enjoyed learning about other Fulbrighters area of expertise and their stories of how they got to where they are. J’adore la France! I love the l’art de vivre, la culture, the sea, the mountains, the big cities, the countryside. And all of it is so close, you can really see and feel a difference without going far. This is only the start of my adventure! I have been documenting all of my experiences in my art journal so I can hold on to these moments forever. I am more than thankful for my education and the support from both my friends and family.

Interview in the regional newspaper « L’Alsace »



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