My journey as an ETA: from Argenteuil to Berlin

Parisa Sadeghi, Fulbright ETA Lycée Julie-Victoire Daubié, Argenteuil The Paris ETAs are a lively bunch, and whenever we get together, a correspondingly lively discussion/debate inevitably ensues. But there is one thing someone seems to mention every time and on which we always agree: our time here has absolutely flown by. With our teaching responsibilities and… Lire la suite My journey as an ETA: from Argenteuil to Berlin

Berlin Seminar

Kate Heaton ETA Lycée Albert Schweitzer   Imagine an occasion to exchange thoughts, ideas, stories, and adventures with five hundred and seventy talented Fulbrighters from across Europe. From discussion groups to performances to kaffee and kuchen connections are created. Intriguing personal and academic conversations flow in between organized events and continue until late at night.… Lire la suite Berlin Seminar