Berlin Seminar

Kate Heaton

ETA Lycée Albert Schweitzer


Imagine an occasion to exchange thoughts, ideas, stories, and adventures with five hundred and seventy talented Fulbrighters from across Europe. From discussion groups to performances to kaffee and kuchen connections are created. Intriguing personal and academic conversations flow in between organized events and continue until late at night. Experts in literature, artists, political scientists, students, and professors are represented. We came here to share our journey.

I had the enriching opportunity to attend the 63rd Berlin Seminar from March 26 to March 30. I gained exposure of Fulbrighters diverse backgrounds and projects. I reflected on my own journey as a Fulbright grantee and how eye opening and life changing this exchange has been. Moving from conference halls to the city hall to the hotel, moments were filled with complete joy. I further learned about the role that English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) perform throughout Europe. During a project presentation for ETAs I shared my experience art journaling with students at Lycée Albert Schweitzer in Mulhouse, France. Art journaling is one project that falls under la Nouvelle Communauté du Lycée Albert Schweitzer, founded in 2014 by Catherine Wimmer and Philippe Provence. La Nouvelle Communauté du Lycée Albert Schweitzer aims to bring students together from various levels and grades through a variety of activities and projects.

In addition to the seminar, exploring Berlin for my first time was exciting. A favorite memory was discovering the Cafe am neuen See located in the middle of the Tiergarten. Visiting the Berlinische Galerie introduced me to Cornelia Schleime, a new favorite artist of mine. I made sure to document all of these memories in my art journal. Since the seminar it has been a joy to visit new friends that I met. The seminar was a true testament of how Fulbright brings intelligent and curious people together.


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