« The Fulbright experience has enriched my life immensely »

Regina Symonds, Fulbright Teacher Exchange, 2000-2001

Regina Symonds was a Fulbright Teacher Exchange participant in 2000-2001 at the Collège Jean-Philippe Rameau in Versailles, France. She holds her CAGS in Educational Leadership from Salem State University, an M.S. in Teaching French from S.U.N.Y. Cortland. and a B.A. in French/Education from Syracuse University.  She has been teaching at Triton Regional High School in Massachusetts since 2007.

Regina Symonds with her Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Board of Directors Award

Since 2008, Mrs. Symonds has annually led Triton Regional High School student trips to Québec City, Canada, and to Paris and Vendée in the Loire Valley, France as part of the Triton Regional High School/Lycée Saint François d’Assise La Roche Franco-American Exchange.  She is the THS French Immersion Experiences advisor and co-advisor for the THS Foreign Language National Honor Society.   

Regina Symonds and her Triton high school students in Paris

Here is what Regina had to say about her Fulbright experience, and the impact it had on her personal as well as professional life:

Since my Fulbright Experience, I have completed six exchanges with a school in France, and I am planning my seventh. (To learn more about the exchange, click here.)

I served on the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Board of Directors from 2003-2007 http://mafla.org/

In addition, I was the recipient of the 2005 the AATF/Ministère des Relations Internationales Stage de Professeurs at the Université de Laval, and have travelled to Québec City with groups of about 30 students 6 times, and I am considering planning a French Immersion Experience for my students in Martinique in the future.

The Fulbright experience has enriched my life, my daughter Rachel’s life, and my professional life immensely. She still speaks French quite well, and I believe that her genuine passion for learning stems from having attended kindergarten at the Maternelle Fessart in Boulogne, France during our summer Fulbright Teacher Exchange expérience in 2000, 2001. 

I feel that my experience on the Fulbright Teacher Exchange has enriched the lives of my students in ways that would not have been possible otherwise.  

Regina Symonds and her daughter at Fontainebleau around 2001


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